Sandiwich Water District, Town of Sandwich, Cape Cod, MA
    72 Tupper Road, Sandwich, Massachusetts 02563 ~ 508-888-2775

Staff of the Sandwich Water District
Dan Mahoney - Superintendent
Erik Van Buskirk - Assistant Superintendent
Teresa Johnson - Treasurer
Rene' Douglas - Office Manager & Rate Collector
Steve Silva - Foreman
Pete Zanello - Water Tech
Joe Webber - Water Tech
Paul McPherson - Water Tech
Trevor Hoeft - Water Tech
Adam Burbank - Water Tech
Kyle Wesley - Water Tech

Office Staff
Cheryl Hindman - Clerk
Suzie Maiolino - Clerk
Elected Officials:
Board of Water Commissioners

Rick W. Anderson, Chairman - 2019
Peter S.Thomas
- 2017
Peter D. Howell - 2018

District Clerk
Richard Fagnant

Water droplet with ripples in water


Hazardous Waste

The improper disposal of hazardous materials can cause serious contamination to water supplies and the environment. As residents of Cape Cod we all can contribute to protecting our natural resources through proper waste disposal. Do not pour hazardous wastes or paints down any septic systems, private or public drains, on the ground, or into waterways. Safe disposal of materials through the Hazardous Waste Collection Program will help to keep our drinking water and our community pollution-free.

For more information on theplease contact Cape Cod Cooperative Extension at 508-375-6699 or go to