Town Wide Geographic Information System

The District has been working together with the Town of Sandwich in the development of the GIS which will be utilized by residents, the Departments within the Town of Sandwich and the District.  In return the Town of Sandwich will provide an easement on a parcel of land to the District for development of a new well site to help meet increasing water needs

The various Departments within the Town of Sandwich utilize hundreds of maps to depict boundaries, lot lines, roads, water mains, drainage, zoning, land use, topography and so on. A Geographic Information System (GIS) compiles all this information, in layers, in one centralized location, a computer, for ease in retrieval and manipulation.

In an effort to help reduce the overall cost burden to the taxpayers, the Sandwich Water District initiated and entered into an agreement with the Town of Sandwich, to fund a much needed Geographic Information System (GIS) which will be utilized by nearly all Town Departments as well as the Water District. In addition there will be several locations available for public access.  In exchange the Town of Sandwich will provide an easement on a town owned parcel of land for water supply purposes.

GIS Map #1
GIS Map #2


Water droplet with ripples in water


Hazardous Waste

The improper disposal of hazardous materials can cause serious contamination to water supplies and the environment. As residents of Cape Cod we all can contribute to protecting our natural resources through proper waste disposal. Do not pour hazardous wastes or paints down any septic systems, private or public drains, on the ground, or into waterways. Safe disposal of materials through the Hazardous Waste Collection Program will help to keep our drinking water and our community pollution-free.

For more information on theplease contact Cape Cod Cooperative Extension at 508-375-6699 or go to



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